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Water Well Repairs

Restoring clean water to impoverished communities in Northern Uganda

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is an urgent need for repairs to boreholes and drilling of new boreholes for drinking, and importantly – sanitation and handwashing.


In Northern Uganda, drilling new boreholes improves the livelihood of an entire community – this removes the need for mainly women and children to walk 30km each day to collect water. Urgent repairs are also needed to many water wells that have been broken for months, if not years.


The objective of building and repairing these boreholes is to give people in the communities of Northern Uganda access to safe and clean water for drinking, and importantly – sanitation and handwashing. This project not only meets the current pandemic need – it also allows communities to enjoy access to water in the future for drinking and hygiene.


Love Mercy Foundation is the project partner who will activate this initiative on the ground. Love Mercy exists to empower communities in Northern Uganda to overcome poverty caused by the horrors of war. Love Mercy began in 2010 in Sydney, Australia after Eloise Wellings, Australian Olympian, met Ugandan Olympian and former child soldier, Julius Achon. She promised to fulfill his dream of restoring hope to his village in Northern Uganda after decades of civil war. Love Mercy sees a future where Northern Uganda is transformed through simple solutions to poverty – increasing access to education, health care and income generation.


The Wellness Project was commissioned in May 2020. A total of $95,000 has been raised towards repairing and building 23 water wells. Bringing clean water to up to 23,000 people in Northern Uganda.