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About Us


We believe in being generous and using our businesses for good. As a not for profit, One Co. equips and empowers business owners with custom charitable initiatives that are simple and easy to implement.

How it all began


For twenty years, Co-Founders Joshua and Alana Nicholls have been building a growing purpose driven business in Australia. As a start up business at the age of 22 and 19 they’ve now built a country wide brand that has given over $1million towards overcoming poverty. The impact their business has witnessed, has been achieved through simple and affective initiatives. Over the years they’ve learnt a lot, done all the hard work, set up a not for profit organisation and now want to share it with you.

As a not for profit, this is not a money making exercise. It’s simply a passion to see businesses find purpose and also combine forces with other like-minded businesses to make a difference together.

It started with a simple idea

In 2012 as Josh and Alana began franchising their business, they wanted to commit to sponsoring more children as their company grew. The bigger they got, the more impact they wanted to have. ‘One Van One Child’ was birthed, a simple idea of sponsoring a child for every van in the business. It was a scalable model that saw impact increase proportionally to business growth.  It was a hit and  within 8 years their child sponsorship grew from 0 to over 200 children.

In 2016 after visiting some of their sponsor children in Zambia, the Nicholls and 3 founding board members John, Jeff and Ken were inspired to do more. They returned to Australia and began the huge task of setting up a non for profit foundation to start financing projects and have greater impact. Since then amazing projects have been completed through the foundation in Zambia, Sri Lanka and Uganda.


Now, we want to help other business owners unlock the purpose in their business and enjoy the exciting and meaningful journey of making a difference. We are so excited to welcome other businesses like yours to the journey and have a whole lot of fun overcoming poverty together. You’re business will benefit, you’re going to make great relationships in our One Co. community and the impact we have together will be phenomenal.

Exciting days ahead! We can’t wait to welcome you to the family.

We are a registered


One Co is a registered charity which receives donations from businesses to then finance life changing projects. Put simply, One Co. Foundation is a not for profit organisation that is much like a funnel. We receive and collect funds and then distribute funds to our ‘on the ground’ local partners.
Step 1

Receive & Collect

We receive a donation from you and give you a tax deductible receipt.

Step 2

Give & Share

We use the pool of money we receive as donations and give it to ‘on the ground’ organisations who complete life changing projects around the world.

We are a Public Ancillary Fund

One Co. Foundation is a Public Ancillary Fund and is owned by the One Co. Foundation Australia Trust, a registered charitable entity.

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Great things in business are never done by one person,
they’re done by a team of people

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Alana Nicholls

Founder & CEO

joshua nicholls

Board Chairman

Karla Kirch

Board Member

Leonard Melia

Board Member

John Grout

Board Member

Ken McCoombes

Board Member

Jeff Hoare

Board Member

John Cannone

Board Member

Daniel Cannone

Board Member

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