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Receive a custom One Child brand that is relative to your company and business growth.
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instant impact & credibility

without starting from scratch


One Co. Foundation has spent the last 8 years building and refining the One Child initiative and experiencing the success of it. It’s now ready for you to join a trialed and tested program and see the positive impact it can have in your business.

simple & easy

Rolling a One Child initiative into your business is extremely easy. Our team are experienced with working one on one with each business to ensure the process is seamless.

engage your staff
& customers

Having a project that is meaningful to your business is a great way to include and inspire your staff and customers as your business grows. It gives heart felt purpose to your growth that others feel they can be a part of.


One Co. Foundation is a fully registered not for profit charitable organisation. No need for you to go through all the work to setup a foundation yourself. All the groundwork has already been done.

Simple yet Effective

Your impact grows
as your business grows

The success and simplicity of the One Child Initiative is that your business’ impact increases relative to your business growth. For instance, if you are a business that has multiple retail stores and becomes a ‘One Store One Child’ partner, you would sponsor as many children as you have stores. As your business continues to grow, each time you open a new store you would sponsor an additional child. It’s an exciting and achievable way to have mass impact over time. Simply choose an initiative that relates best to your growth and enjoy the rewarding journey of having a business that makes a real difference.


Child Sponsorship

Because of community focused solutions, sponsoring a child helps to create lasting change in their life by transforming the world where they live. For every 1 child sponsored, another 4 benefit.

By helping to meet basic needs for things like clean water, healthcare, education, improved farming and income opportunities, you’ll help break the poverty cycle.

Clean water




The impact of child sponsorship

Stories from the field


In partnership with World Vision, our sponsor children are in specific communities to ensure One Co. can have maximum impact in concentrated areas. It also is great for field trips to visit many of our children all at once.

Some of our


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