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Helping provide a pathway out of poverty through education

In Uganda only 27% of school-age children are enrolled in school. Join us to ensure as many children as possible in the remote Mgipi district have access to an education, with quality teachers and resources.


Instead of starting their first day of school, most young children in Uganda would be heading to work – most likely in fields, herding animals or digging for food. You can change the future of hundreds of children living in poverty by ensuring they are enrolled and attending a quality, local school in their remote village.

Without an investment in education, and no funding for schools and teachers – many children will be left behind and may never see the inside of a classroom.


The objective is to provide vulnerable children in Uganda with the opportunity to receive a quality education – empowering them to secure better jobs, earn sustainable incomes and break free from the poverty cycle.


School For Life was founded in 2008 by influential young Australians Annabelle Chauncy (OAM) and David Everett (OAM), who were moved by the abject poverty they saw in rural Uganda. Opening its doors in 2011 with two classrooms, 80 kids and four teachers, School For Life now educates 1,400 students across three campuses, two primary and one high school providing all staff and students with three nutritious meals a day, healthcare and access to clean and safe water.