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Helping businesses find their

giving purpose

So, you’re a business owner that
wants to give back and

use your business for good

You’ve thought about
how your business
can make a difference,
And you believe
business is not just for selfish gain

But you don’t have the

time, team or know-how

to implement an affective charitable initiative
into your business.



keen to


purpose into your brand


your staff & customers with your charitable impact with your charitable impact


that is real & lasting


with other like-minded purpose driven businesses

But you are so busy

building and leading your business that you don’t have the time or experience to work on this stuff! You know it’s important, you’ve got the desire to do it, but other more urgent things keep taking your attention.


That’s where One Co. can help

Think of us as the philanthropic department of your business.

Say goodbye

to all the guesswork and failed attempts.


We’ve spent the last decade building charitable initiatives in our business
which have raised $1 million towards impact projects across the globe.
Setting up a not for profit foundation
Finding dynamic and trustworthy charity partners


Basically we did all the hard work

so you don’t have to.

We will work with you to


  • Identify what type of impact and charity project best suits your business
  • Give you a custom branded initiative that is easy to implement
  • Create messaging to help share the story with your clients, staff & suppliers

We also


  • Keep you updated with the impact of your support on the ground
  • Host online & in person events for you to connect with all the other amazing businesses in our One Co. community
  • Ensure strong governance & accountability is kept by our chosen charity partners
  • Give 100% of all project donations straight to our on the ground charity partners

As a not for profit

why do we do all this?

Because we are passionate about seeing a global movement of purpose driven businesses unite efforts to help overcome poverty and empower communities towards lasting generational change. It’s a win win for all, communities in need receive the help they require and business owners feel a sense of purpose, significance and satisfaction to use their business for good.

Together as a One Co. community our impact is growing


What we’ve achieved so far


Built and repaired in Zambia & Uganda to provide access to clean water.


School Toilet Blocks
Built in Zambia to improve hygiene and sanitation


School Handwashing Facilities
Built in Zambia to improve hygiene and sanitation


Trained in nutrition educational programs in Sri Lanka.


Solar system
Installed in Uganda to power medical equipment in a maternity ward.

If you’re still wondering…

Should I implement charitable purpose into my business?

Here are some amazing stats to think about:


Purpose driven companies  grow 3 x faster than their competitors
Purpose fuels growth

Purpose attracts talent and sustains engagement – Among Millennials and Gen Z, ‘deeper purpose’ is now the second-most important factor when considering a new job

Customers are 4-6 times more likely  to purchase, protect and champion purpose driven companies

High-performing teams have a clarity of purpose
it’s a higher purpose that will help keep your team motivated, productive and inspired

Customers are looking to purchase and partner with purpose –
They wish to choose companies that are integral, are intentional about impact and have a purpose beyond just making money

Of businesses with a well integrated purpose, 73% say it helps steer through marketplace turmoil.


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