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From Joshua Nicholls
Founder & CEO of Platinum Electricians,
February 2015

Travelling to Zambia to visit the 141 children we sponsor throughout our network was nothing short of life changing and amazing. For the fortunate few that get to experience something like we did, I am sure they would all say the same thing. It is such a huge milestone because it has totally revolutionised my reason for being in business and the big ‘why’ behind it all.

To meet the children, the community leaders, the mothers and their babies and the farmers who have been given greater tools for business has been the connection I needed. It has clearly shown me from the ground roots why I feel called to business and why I have a business with increased influence as our network grows. The more influence we have with customers, suppliers and employees throughout Australia, the further our message reaches to help developing communities all over the world.

I was absolutely blown away by the strategy and results that World Vision achieves. It was confirmation that we are partnering with a great organisation. Their philosophy of giving communities ‘a hand up – not a hand out’ is excellent and aligns with my initial passion of changing generations.

The fact that World Vision supports and is present in a community for 15 years, so that the community clearly understand World Vision is not their answer, but their guide to show them how, is awesome!

The Zambian people were beautiful, friendly, generous and most impacting for me was their passion to learn. Not once did we hear community people say “please give me something” rather they asked “please show us how, so we can do it ourselves”. When asking a widowed mother living with HIV and three children what would most help her, her response was “please teach me to farm, so I can make money to buy school uniforms for my children”.

The sense of community was also amazing and much to aspire to for us Australians. When meeting a family of farmers who had been given cattle to plough their ground, which reduced their ‘by hand’ labour time from one week to 1.5 hours, they were passionate about now giving cattle and seed to their neighbours so they too could make more money to send their children to school. Their philosophy was to get the basics for their family and then help others in the community to do the same.

The future for our Foundation is exciting. The trip to Zambia has just been the beginning and has shown me the endless possibilities we have for influence all over the world. Our Foundation will still continue to grow, however we are currently strategizing around broadening our scope and what other projects and initiatives we can implement to maximise our influence and support for developing nations. The best is yet to come!