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PROJECT: Education

The StartUp Project

Micro-finance loans to empower business start-ups and break the poverty cycle

Small loans have proven to be a powerful tool for families to break the cycle of poverty. They help transform the recipients lives, their children’s futures and their communities.


In Indonesia, like many other low to middle income countries, evidence highlights they have been hit the hardest by the covid-19 pandemic due to the vulnerability of their economies and under-resourced health systems. Of Indonesia’s  270 million people, 80 million live below or hover just above the poverty line. Without a financial safety net, it can be impossible to get ahead, but a small loan to start a small business can be just the head start someone needs.


Our objective in line with our philosophy to “give a hand up” not “a hand-out”, is to equip motivated individuals with a small loan to enable them to commence a new business. This provides them with an effective and sustainable way of helping them leave poverty behind. The StartUp Project will empower families to grow their incomes, save money and achieve financial stability.


Opportunity International Australia is our project partner who will activate this initiative on the ground. Opportunity’s vision is for a world where everyone can achieve a life free from poverty, with dignity and purpose. Established in the 1970’s, Opportunity gives families in developing countries the tools they need to work their way out of poverty so they can live safe, healthy lives, send their children to school and create a new future for generations to come. Our donations to Opportunity are also amplified through their partnership with the Australian NGO Cooperation Program. Our efforts are combined with funding from the Australian government to reach more people. OPPORTUNITY.ORG.AU


You can implement The Startup Project in your business.

$120 supports 1 loan impacting 5 people  (average size of family)

How many loans would you and your business like to gift?