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PROJECT: Australian Homeless

Homes of Hope

Wrap-around services & accommodation to assist families in breaking the cycle of homelessness

Homes of Hope breaks the cycle of homelessness and helps vulnerable Australians build a safe, bright future that is full of hope.


In Australia, on any given night 1 in 200 people are homeless, with this figure to rise by 9,000 people due to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Homes of Hope focuses on early intervention and prevention of homelessness. Homes of Hope fulfils the need in supporting homeless with health, wellbeing and educational services. Homes of Hope manages the complex needs that often lead to someone becoming homeless. It empowers families with the skills to reshape their future and pave the way towards real and lasting change.


The objective is to provide three to nine months of accommodation for families in need, whilst working towards a permanent living solution in private rentals. Homes of Hope also works intensively with those in need to identify the core cause of homelessness, provide support to work through those issues and secure stable, safe living environments for the future.


Mission Australia is our project partner for Homes of Hope. Mission Australia has been an enduring presence in the fabric of Australian life for more than 160 years. Today they are a national community services organisation working together with vulnerable families and young people to ensure all Australian have a safe home to thrive in.


You can implement Homes of Hope in your business.

$29 Helps provide a home for a family for one night.

$199 Helps provide a home for a family for one week.

$860 Helps provide a home for a family for one month.